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Subdeacon Joe

Boulder CO Will Be Full Of Criminals

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I'm shocked.  SHOCKED!  that gun owners aren't flocking to get their guns registered certified by the police!



Weapons already owned by Boulder residents will be grandfathered in, provided that their owners come forward before December 27 to receive an official “certificate” from the city government. According to Boulder police Sgt. Dave Spraggs, “certification is not a registry” (uh huh) and the police department isn’t keeping any records besides a handwritten count (again, uh huh).

Even better, certifying your guns will cost you. The price is $20 for the first gun and $5 for each additional one. And because police (allegedly) aren’t keeping records, they can’t issue a replacement certificate in case the original is lost.

“It’s a simple process, it’s a reasonable cost,” said Spraggs. “We encourage people to get it done.”

“The ordinance specifically excludes a .22 long rifle,” Spraggs also said, “even though it looks like assault gun (because) it takes rimfire versus centerfire ammunition.”

With only 21 days left to go before the certification period closes, a total of 86 certificates have been issued (there are just over 100,000 residents in the college town). Two of those certifications were for the same firearm shared by a husband and wife (for some reason), that means only 85 guns have been certified so far.




From the comments:



Because attempts to enforce by legal sanctions, acts obnoxious to so great a proportion of Citizens, tend to enervate the laws in general, and to slacken the bands of Society. If it be difficult to execute any law which is not generally deemed necessary or salutary, what must be the case, where it is deemed invalid and dangerous? And what may be the effect of so striking an example of impotency in the Government, on its general authority?

-James Madison, A Memorial And Remonstrance

Madison was talking about a law to find religious instruction, but the same principle obtains. The man knew how laws work.


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