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Ban Guns and Violence Will Stop......Right??

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LONDON—Daniel Frederick, a 34-year-old father of three, was returning to his home on a London public-housing estate shortly after New Year’s when a group of teenagers stabbed him in the back seven times, yards from his flat near a children’s playground.

Mr. Frederick, a security guard, was targeted in a case of mistaken identity, police believe, but the assault was part of a crime trend that London’s mayor said this week would take a generation to solve: a surge in knife attacks in a country with relatively low levels of violent crime.


Mayor Sadiq Khan was speaking on Monday after a spate of four unrelated knife homicides in London in five days—the youngest victims were 15 and 17—put renewed focus on the national trend. A fifth knife killing followed that night.


With strict British laws making guns hard to obtain, knives have become the weapon of choice for members of London gangs, who youth workers say fight over territory and are prepared to kill over trivial slights. As stabbings become more frequent, more young people feel compelled to carry knives for their own protection, fueling a cycle of violence.

Mr. Frederick’s sister, Louise Samuel, was at the hospital with her brother when he died in January. The five assailants, all 16 to 18 years old, were sentenced last month to a total of 64 years in prison.

Ms. Samuel, a former youth worker, said she can understand the peer pressure that drove them. She has already forgiven the boys, she said, and would like to meet them, “Just to know why they are so angry.”

Mr. Khan has set up a special unit of police, youth workers and doctors to target the causes of violence, which he said were “extremely complex, involving deep-seated societal problems like poverty, social alienation, mental ill-health and a lack of opportunity.”

The British government last month established a £200 million ($261 million) fund intended to put children who are 10 to 14 years old and at risk of violence on the right track before they become perpetrators.

There is little consensus on why knife violence began increasing in 2014, after declining for years, and continues to grow. Some opposition lawmakers have blamed government cuts to police numbers, while those in power argue that changes in drug trafficking, such as the greater involvement of teenagers in the sale of drugs, is the key factor.

Youth workers say the closure of youth centers because of government budget cuts have left children to make their own rules on the streets. Numerous British charities are working to educate children about the dangers of carrying knives.

Despite prison sentences getting longer, the number of knife crimes in England and Wales jumped by 63% in the past four years, according to police statistics. Cities are the most affected areas with London hardest hit.

Murders in the capital rose to 153 between April 2017 and March 2018, compared with roughly 100 for each of the previous six years, according to London’s Metropolitan Police, which doesn’t specify killing methods. Across the country, knives are by far the most common instrument used in murders, official statistics show.

The knives themselves have gotten bigger, said Detective Inspector Paul Considine, who led the investigation into Daniel Frederick’s murder.

“The weapons we are coming across at the moment are zombie knives, specifically designed to cause major injury to human beings,” he said, describing a type of knife, banned in Britain, the size of a machete with serrated edges and jagged protrusions.

Knife crimes increase just after schools close, said Duncan Bew, a trauma surgeon who founded a charity that educates children about the dangers of gangs and carrying knives. “They feel that their environment is so violent that they aren’t protected unless they carry a weapon,” he said.

Dr. Bew said the injuries he has seen have grown worse in the past two years, with victims receiving multiple stab wounds in hard-to-treat areas, suggesting, he said, an intent to kill.

Yvonne Lawson tours London schools to tell the story of losing her son eight years ago to convince children not to carry knives. “It doesn’t get any easier,” she said in the two-desk office of the Godwin Lawson Foundation, in Tottenham, North London. “Sometimes I share that story, sometimes I break down and sob, sometimes I never get to the end.”


Godwin Lawson, a 17-year-old promising soccer player and former altar boy, was killed by a single stab wound to the heart in 2010 when he tried to break up a fight involving a friend.

“As a Christian, we brought him up to be caring and to look after others,” Mrs. Lawson said.

The young man that killed her son, now in prison, has requested to meet her, as has his family. She will, she said, as she leafed through photos of Godwin spread across her desk, but not yet.

“Forgiveness is part of healing and when I am ready I would like to…but it has got to be when I am ready.”

It all sounds eerily familiar, doesn't it?  How long before they try to ban knives, or at least those they can characterize as "assault knives"??


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It's already happened, Loophole. https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/world/2018/04/09/london-mayor-knife-control/500328002/


I'm unable to find another article I read a few months back about the establishment of a "minister of knife crime" and some proposed new regs on knives. Restaurant owners and butchers are protesting because some of the knives they use in their daily business could be regulated or banned outright.

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And if guns are banned, then knives will be used. And if knives are banned (what will we cut our steaks with???), felons will start using baseball bats.  Now, would that mean every kid with a bat will be subject to arrest?  Will MLB players have to undergo background checks, and have their bats locked up? :o  We all know, "There oughta be a law!"  If people obeyed the original Ten, we wouldn't have a problem! Right?

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Preachin to the choir.

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3 hours ago, Matthew Duncan said:

The first recorded Murder used a rock...

I thought it was the jawbone of an ass?

But then the scripture doesn't say for sure.




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57 minutes ago, Forty Rod SASS 3935 said:

What will they ban to stop rape?  :o  :wacko:


One school of thought in this country would be that anyone who has that particular ability (to do what you are talking about) holds that they are probably going to be guilty of that based on simple "possession" or ability. I'm trying to find the right words here. ;) But you get the idear.


People who own guns are probably going to commit crimes with those guns. People who have... :huh:


Thar just ain't no logic behind how far some anti-gun fervor and ideology goes.

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Suppose the following.....


The woman on tv begging for a stop to guns, no more guns get rid of guns.

A wizard appears and says he feels her awful pain.

And he says further that he will grant her one wish.

She immediately begs for all guns to disappear.

And the wizard says, So be it. All across America all guns will turn to dust at midnight.


And the police notice their guns missing.  The military notices some dust and bullets

where their rifles used to be.

Gun owners reach under their pillows and they find dust and some bullets and non stock magazines.

All the guns in America are turned to dust.

And the next morning drug dealing gang bangers are the only ones with AK47s.

Because their guns were smuggled in with their drugs.

The Secret Service pounds on the doors of gun manufacturers begging for new production.

And just that soon the guns are back....;




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Ban Guns and Violence Will Stop......Right??


Well, I think the logic is flawed.

Before guns came in to being,  what killed all those people in all those wars all over the world?


All through history, the fighting stopped when once side beat the other side in to giving up or they were all dead.

In modern history, conflicts stop before one side gives up and then later they can start up again.

Today, politicians think they can stop conflict with words.

If one side does not give up completely, the other side did not win the battle.


Also, the more money the leadership on each side can make by having a war, the longer it goes on.

When no more money can be had, it fades away and moves to some other part of the world.




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I am going to jump off the bridge and state my personal observation: 


ALL WARS HAVE AN ECONOMIC ORIGIN.  The rhetoric is used to charge 

the people into fighting them. 

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Preaching to the choir, here, most of these posts. Does anybody have any real ideas?


My state, notwithstanding its liberal politics, has always had very good gun laws. But a real restrictive initiative just passed with 60% of the vote, and there will be more to come. These mass shootings every few weeks really do not help at all. Nor does it help that most (yes, not all) are with ARs. Our just-passed initiative now expressly defines all semiautomatic rifles as "semiautomatic assault rifles". This, of course, would include a Ruger 10/22, among other non-AR types, such as an old-design Browning BAR wood-stocked .30-06. (And I wonder why Browning calls it a BAR.....money, of course; because it is not a BAR.)


I know several people, not gun-familiar but not particularly anti-gun in the past, who voted for this, and will vote for more restrictions next time around. They freely admit with reasoned argument that none of these things in particular would have stopped any particular shooting. But they feel they are compelled in some way to respond to this madness with which we have as a society become infected.


A really bad situation. I have no answers, or even good suggestions, myself. But sometimes I wonder. Awhile back now, I bought a Mossberg 454 (I think that's the model #), their entry into the 30-30 lever-action field, a nice, traditional offering. Within a short time, they made a model that had the totally black-gun, militarized look; you can look it up. Truly ugly, widely mocked. But, I wondered, what is going on here? Video games? Some strange fantasies? Why would anybody want such a thing; why would an old-line company produce such an absurdity?


Man, I wish I had some brilliant ideas.

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A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.


As a nation we already have the only "Gun law" we actually Need in place.  Its called the 2nd Amendment.


To consider making new "Gun laws", "legislation", or "initiatives" to make someone else "Feel Better" is nonsense.


Isn't there already a law against causing great bodily harm to someone else? 

Isn't there already a law against taking something that does not belong to you?

Isn't there already a law against ......


noun: criminal; plural noun: criminals
  1. 1.
    a person who has committed a crime.
    "these men are dangerous criminals"
    synonyms: lawbreaker, offender, villain, delinquent, felon, convict, malefactor, wrongdoer, culprit, miscreant; More
adjective: criminal
  1. 1.
    relating to crime.
    "they are charged with conspiracy to commit criminal damage"
    synonyms: unlawful, illegal, illicit, lawless, felonious, delinquent, fraudulent, actionable, culpable;More
    antonyms: lawful
    • LAW
      relating to crime as opposed to civil matters.
      "a criminal court"
      (of an action or situation) deplorable and shocking.
      "he may never fulfill his potential, and that would be a criminal waste"
      synonyms: deplorable, shameful, reprehensible, disgraceful, inexcusable, unforgivable, unconscionable, unpardonable, outrageous, monstrous, shocking, scandalous, wicked
      "a criminal waste of taxpayers' money"
      antonyms: commendable
late Middle English (as an adjective): from late Latin criminalis, from Latin crimen, crimin- (see crime).


In my not so humble opinion making laws for us (Law abiding citizens) to follow is just %*#@!%^!!!!!!!! Because the  CRIMINALS don't care what the law says.


All the people that "need to feel better" can run down to there local store and pick up a teddy bear and some inscents 

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I know I shouldn't do it because it is pointless, but I tried to tell one of these leftist radicals (originally from Texas now living in California) that legal gun owners are not responsible for all the killings and violence; that responsible gun owners keep their guns safe and away from children; teach their children gun safety, etc.  I went on to mention that even kids that have had "short" gun safety training, usually for 30 minutes or so to "Don't touch," "Leave the room," "Get an adult." many times STILL pick up a gun because of the novelty of it. (I've seen a video about this somewhere, but can't find it now.)  I stated that gun safety education begins with parents teaching their children at a young age and taking away the "novelty" of guns.  I also mentioned the crime statistics of Chicago, and Washington, D.C. which have very restrictive gun ownership laws, but gun violence is still a major issue because criminals ignore the law and get guns illegally, use them to commit violent crimes, will still have them when law abiding citizens have had their guns taken away from them, that sometimes the only way to stop a gun wielding criminal is when a good guy has a gun.  In addition I mentioned that the liberal news media rarely mentions or publicizes when good guys/gals use legally owned guns to protect their home or life.


I grew up with loaded guns in the house, but KNEW NEVER to touch one and that my grandfather would take us out to shoot with supervision so guns were not a novelty to me.  I even mentioned that in the late 60s guys used to come to high school with long guns in the back windows of their pickups because they hunted before and after school (this was in Houston, TX in an area now totally built up, but that had vacant fields back then) and no one was shot and killed back then.  He stated "We're not out to get your guns," and "I bet 19,??? kids killed from 1999 wouldn't say so."  It raises my blood pressure, and I know I should ignore him, but it pi$$es me off SO MUCH that these idiots are so ignorant.  I wish I had the statistics to prove him wrong.


Yeah, he says they're not out to get our guns, but they are. I need to go take a "chill pill," (actually my morning blood pressure medicine).

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I did some cleaning and found my Illinois gun owners card from 1982.

It appears  to have been typed with a typewriter.

That is 36 years for sure.  

Now every morning there are reports on the news about all the folks

in Chicago that are shot killed or wounded.  Every day.

A waste but once a paper exists the gummint wont let go.

No control of out of state gun show sales.....



Stolen guns don't follow any laws......


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The blade's the Thing.

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Gun control makes as much sense as getting your Wife and yourself "Fixed" because your neighbour has too many Kids ....

Criminals are Criminals because they choose not to Obey the Law ...


Jabez Cowboy

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