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PractiScore to PDF

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You know ... I don't see a print function per say ... but ... just out of curiosity ... I brought up a local USPSA match from my local club ... (had about 60  people) ... AND ...

I copied the whole results portion ... (capturing the headers etc). Then I pasted it into an Excel page (this allowed me to adjust the width of a few columns that were wrapping around).

When I liked the way it looked I printed to pdf. 

I guess if all you want is on the match summary page that isn't too much trouble. 

I attached my resultant PDF ... not too much trouble I guess ... only took a few minutes to get this. 



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This is how I do it on a smart phone. (iphone)

Select the View Results option, Match Scores, Then the desired sort.

On the top left of the screen above the form is a small icon. select it and a popup opens.  Choose Email and email it to myself.

The attachment is in pdf format


On my chrome book I open the desired sort of match results and then chose the print option. I can choose print to pdf or save to google docks in .htm format via a pull down menu.


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This is how I send as PDF from my android phone (I have never used this on anything but my phone). 

Select "Review All stages (combined)".

Select print.

Tap the yellow circle with a down arrow above a the letters "PDF".

Save it to my phones internal memory by finding the folder "PractiScore" and tap on it.

Tap on "Done".

Open "My Files" app on the phone, tap on internal storage and find the folder "PractiScore".

Find your match you just downloaded and tap on it.

Tap on the three dots symbol and tap "send file".

Email to yourself.


Now I have it as a PDF.


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