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Joe Breed

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At the bottom of the window where you type your post is an image of a paper clip and the intructions "Drag files her to attach, or choose files..."    Click on that choose files link and it allows you to directly upload from your computer.  That easy.  No hosting site needed any longer.  Then you'll see a small version of you picture underneath your typing area.  All you need to do is touch that image for the larger version to appear in your post, where ever you left your blinking cursor.



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@Joe Breed


McCandless is correct. ;)

There are several ways to attach pictures - easiest if using a computer (which I will further detail here).




If you have two (2) Monitors (or use a split screen on one Monitor), you can merely open the folder where the picture file exists, right click your mouse and hold onto the file, dragging it to the open space above :rolleyes: where you wish to have it placed. NOTE: It will also appear in a window below the response screen as shown below. (NOTE: Be sure that your cursor is where you wish to have the picture placed) :o





If you are not using two (2) Monitors, or the split screen, you may choose to use the  1462640129_Choosefilesicononly.JPG.a992f3aae326c524709ecdbb78f31735.JPGoption.

Merely click on the 1462640129_Choosefilesicononly.JPG.a992f3aae326c524709ecdbb78f31735.JPG icon and browse your computer for the file you want to post.




Double clicking on your file will place it in the Uploaded Images block below the response screen as seen below.

Click on the "plus sign" as shown in the lower left corner of the Uploaded Images to place the picture into the response screen.




If for some reason you wish to have the picture removed, click on the trash can in the lower right corner of the Uploaded Image.






Pictures can be resized by clicking on them anywhere which will bring up the points at which you can reduce or enlarge them.

They appear as little boxes around the picture.



Grabbing any of these and stretching or shrinking them will result in the picture size you are looking for.


1809514109_DemonPossessedMan.JPG.6dca0ed90c422b3319614413e1536de8.JPG    1809514109_DemonPossessedMan.JPG.6dca0ed90c422b3319614413e1536de8.JPG   1809514109_DemonPossessedMan.JPG.6dca0ed90c422b3319614413e1536de8.JPG





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