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On my way to Classic Cowboy and Double Duelist

Ligonier Bill

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I got to the range this morning for a couple tryouts. First up, I put 4 brass Black MZ loads through my "new" Remington 1889. Checking function, especially that my overshot cards stayed in place when the first barrel was fired. Also checked the pattern at 25 yards, as I might take this old girl hunting. Everything worked fine, and my #6 gave a nice even pattern. Recoil was pretty soft. These loads should be the similar to modern low pressure "2 1/2 dram equivalent" shells. 


Next, I ran 20 through my Cimarron 'P' shooting lefty. Did better than I thought I would, though a lot of practice is needed. Next match I will give it a try. I will probably run a stage or two with the old Remington 12, the rest with my "modern" (1941) Fulton 16. It's a start. Still need a few items for my Classic Cowboy getup.


What keeps impressing me is that, though these late 19th century arms give up a lot of range to modern weapons, they are a pleasure to shoot and lethal as ever. 

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