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Blackhawk spare cylinder

Maddog Al

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I inherited one of my Ruger Blackhawk from my father. At one time he had 3 cylinders for this gun.  When I got it the extras were missing.


Now I have 3 Liberty edition Blackhawk in 357 , and was wondering if I buy extra cylinder does it have to be mated to the gun or are they close enough tolerance to just be able to drop in?


Any advice or directions to information would be appreciated



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Not sure what caliber the third one might be, but Ruger would want you to send the Blackhawk to them if you wanted to purchase a 9mm cylinder or .357 cylinder. Surprising how many Ruger and other convertible 22s I have seen that would only have the .22 Mag cylinder. I bought a used Single Six  yers ago with two cylinders and only found out later both were 22 Mag. Somewhere there is probably a Single Six that has two regular 22 cylinders . From a different perspective,  I am sure there are many shooters who have cleaned  two single actions at the same time and switched the cylinders and never noticed what they did because they kept working. Not the way to do it, but a lot of people have done it.    

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Ruger will only fit a spare cylinder to a gun that was sold as a convertible, if it came as a .357 Mag only, they won't do it.

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I have bought 9mm for a 357 and had it drop in perfect.

As far as I could tell, perfect.

I took it to a local gunsmith/machinist and he checked it  perfect as well.

It came with a shim that I didn't need. Previous owner needed a little shim.


If you buy a cylinder and it wont fit, ruger might help or just sell it and buy another.

I can always tell the 9mm cylinder as its blue and the Blackhawk is stainless.



ps Ruger policy has varied over the years.

Never hurts to ask and maybe ask again later on.


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