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Study: Gun owners more politically engaged

Charlie T Waite

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A study released Sunday by political scientists at the University of Kansas, found significantly more gun owners were politically active and voted in presidential elections than those who did not own guns over the last 40 years - and the gap is growing.

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Don’t ask! Don’t tell!!!


I guarantee that the numbers STILL don’t represent all those gun owners who get out and vote and call and write to their representatives!!!

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Well we'd better get more active or we're gonna LOSE!

My wife and I will be voting this year for the 1st time in a LONG time. Want to be sure we vote for Ted Cruz. I find it hard to believe that Bozo O'rourke is a serious challenge, but the local media say so so it MUST be true!

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I have only ever missed one opportunity to vote since 1970!  I moved hundreds of miles from my old residence about two weeks before the election and didn't have time or money to go back and vote!!  I registered in my new location, but it was after the deadline for the impending election!!

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Sadly in my neck of the woods a lot of gun owners don’t realize the threat posed by the leftist gun grabbers and still vote blue. There hasn’t been a dimocrat holding the congressional seat in 50 years but it seems likely this time because of the sorros money and other factors being factored in. I talk to many trap shooters that think their high dollar shotguns are not in play if guns are banned, go figure, and they hate anything republican.

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