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Data duel: Are gun-free zones really safer?

Charlie T Waite

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If we could get the point across that the “Wild West” was in fact safer during the last half of the 19th century and on into the 20th century than places like New York City, Boston, Baltimore, Chicago,  St Louis, and New Orleans, we could do great service to the gun rights cause. 


All anyone has to do to get the uneducated or uninformed populace to listen to them is compare some present day event to “The Wild West” and they’ve gained the momentum.


Even in the early days of Dodge City, you were safer there than in the big cities mentioned previously!!  The difference was that “romanticized” stories written by the “Penny Dreadful” writers of the day made it seem like bullets were flying everywhere, all of the time!!  NOTHING could be further from the truth, but this perception has been created by fiction writers and phony “Reporters” and has become accepted as fact for lack of the truth being told.  


For all the revision of history that we are allowing to happen, THIS is one bit of “HISTORY” that truly needs to be revised!!! 

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Above comments, totally true. And pertinent.



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