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Crab meat from Venezuela

Red Cent

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"The FDA is advising consumers to avoid eating fresh crab meat from Venezuela and to check the origin of any crab meat being bought in restaurants or grocery stores. If the origin of the meat is unclear, the FDA recommends not eating it."





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Coffinmaker, do I need to add you to the list of pards that Okie's not allowed to play with without adult supervision???:rolleyes:

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23 hours ago, Colorado Coffinmaker said:


Too many Venezuelans with Crabs??


Could be more truth than fiction in that.

I had a friend, who lived many years ago, in a South American country, where there were occasional government vs Everyone Else shoot-ups.

Her Father often wondered where the casualties were ending up.

Some were apparently found in the vats where the Corned Beef was processed.

I haven't touched Corned Beef since then.

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