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Russia, Spies, and Haters........


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I think everybody needs to read this.




A woman got busted for not registering under FARA.  


News outlets are basically reporting that the NRA has become an asset of Putin.  Next step will be that gun owners are Russian agents.  With the vile statements from haters over the past few months, expect that insanity to turned up to 12.

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I haven’t heard anything about this.  Thanks for the heads up!  I’m so used to being called a gun nut and worse by these CS, liberal, whining weenies that anymore, it’s just become white noise to me!!


So long as I have the “big three” gun owner support organizations on my side, (NRA, SAF, and GOA) I’ll stand and defy them and all comers from the ranks of the gun-grabbing rabble!!!

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