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10 Years Later: How This Landmark SCOTUS Case Set The Stage For Gun Rights In America

Charlie T Waite

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There is STILL a lot of work to be done and WE are the ones who need to do it!!  We must also advocate for change of unconstitutionally restrictive laws and vigorously defend those rights we hold dear against those who would deny us those rights!!


GOA, SAF, and NRA ALL need our support. They do good work!!  We need to do our part as well!!  Write those congressmen and senators!!  Confront those local politicians who try to remove or restrict our rights!!  


FINALLY!!  Show your support at every turn!!  If you are not comfortable with open carry or if it isn't allowed where you go, display your support with bumper stickers, wear the NRA hat or T-shirt instead of the one for your favorite sports team!!  If you don't boycott the businesses that prohibit carry, at least register your displeasure with management or with the parent corporation!!  EVERY little bit helps!!  If you don't believe it, consider the recent swing in perception and posture with the LGBTQ community!!  Getting in the faces of everyone has worked for them!!


MY ultimate goal would be that the PC world would treat gun owners with the same respect/deference that they show the minorities and the rainbow people!!

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