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We need a sticky cartoon thread

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Humor in uniform, back in the sixties. It's amazing the crap that sticks in your mind.


Woman goes to the base laundromat, sticks her clothes in the machine. It's early in the morning and no one else is there, so she takes off her bathrobe, peels off her nightgown and her underwear and sticks them in the machine also and puts her robe back on.


Starts the load, and then has to go potty. Walks over to what she assumes is the restroom door, opens it and walks in to find a young airman sitting in front of a security monitor. He looked up as she walked in and says, "I wondered where you went".

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There were a lot of really great ones:

WWII, drill instruction, (I think at RCAF Rockcliffe my Father claimed) 

A newly enlisted airman was called on to give the drill commands.

The airman puts the draft at attention, left face and into forward march.

As the draft was getting farther and farther away, the Flight Sergeant, Drill Instructor, says: "Well For God's Sake, say something, even if it's just Good-Bye! 

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