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( and now the edit to explain....  way way back, I had a part time job in a slaughter house/meat processing facility. I typically filled in for somebody who didn’t show up.  A few days I got assigned to the tripes on the killing floor.


there was another guy there who showed me what to do, he, I assumed, was the guy who always came to work and got paid maybe minimum wage plus 30¢. I was getting +5¢, it was +10¢ but the minimum wage went up5¢.


so back to tripes. Coming to our station we’re two organs, one called “pocket tripe” was one of the cow’s stomachs, a round one maybe 12” in diameter.the job was to hose it out and cut something. These almost all went to some place targeted for human consumable stuff, but there was a difference between grass/hay in the stomach and grain.  I think the grain stomachs went to rendering or dog food. Seriously I don’t remember the cut, it was 1969. The other organ was one of the other stomachs was more like a big sheet of honeycombs.the intent here was to hose it off and send it to dog food.


btw, dog food shipments I did several times.tripes, udders, and lungs in rusty barrels, definitely not USDA Alpo stuff.

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