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New York: Microstamping On the Assembly Calendar For Thursday

Charlie T Waite

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Scores of bills are quickly passing both chambers in Albany with no public input or debate as lawmakers continue to scramble toward the end of session tentatively scheduled for next week.  Anti-gun Democrats who control the Assembly passed red flag legislation today (A.11148), and A.5826A to require microstamping for handguns is on the agenda for tomorrow.  It is important that you contact your Assemblyman immediately and urge them to OPPOSE A.5826A.


A.5826A would require all handguns manufactured and sold in New York to be equipped with microstamping technology by 2020 despite the fact that microstamping is easily circumvented with common household tools.  If this bill were to become law, only semi-automatic handguns capable of microstamping would be allowed for sale.  This bill would do nothing to impact public safety while driving up the cost of firearms.  In fact, a microstamping requirement could have the opposite effect on law-enforcement as criminals could misdirect investigations by gathering microstamped casings from gun ranges and dispersing them at crime scenes.  The vast majority of the country has rejected microstamping because the technology simply doesn't work.  Ultimately, this bill is nothing more than Empire State gun control.

Please contact your Assemblyman immediately and respectfully request that this bill be defeated.

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Next time me 'n' Schoolmarm go up that way, I will NOT be stopping in New York for ANYTHING!!!

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On 6/14/2018 at 9:22 AM, Hardpan Curmudgeon SASS #8967 said:

Yeppers... sure working well in California, ain't it?  <_<


NOT!  */:) raised eyebrows

It works perfectly.  No new semi automatic handguns can be sold & those on the DOJ list will eventually be removed as the listing expire.   Eventually only revolvers will be sold to civilians in CA.

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I guess that "works perfectly" is a matter of perspective.


"Works perfectly" from the liberal lefty point of view; from my saddle, the view is abhorrent.


And yep - the remaining "sliders" are due to slide right off the "legal to sell or buy" list this year, judged to be "unsafe" because of a useless requirement.  :(  :angry:



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