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Protect our Second Amendment freedoms

Charlie T Waite

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To protect our Second Amendment freedoms, there’s a lot we can – and are – doing. But the most important thing that each of us can do as a community is so simple: VOTE! And for those who mail in their ballots, the time to vote is NOW.  



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George Orwell taught: "The object of power is power".


Today, in poking through the Computer news I ran across a story on David Horowitz.   Knowing little or nothing about the fellow I tried some quick research and this promptly led me to an essay on National Review :

The Life and Work of David Horowitz


according to the essay David Horowitz is a fellow who shifted his beliefs from the left to the right.   In the essay I found a note regarding this change:


“the element of malice played a larger role in the motives of the left than I had been willing to accept.” If the Left really wanted a better world, why was it so indifferent to the terrible consequences of its own ideas and practices?


a totalitarian government -- often a dictatorship -- is diametrically opposed to a limited government.   A limited government is known as a Republic.   Left, and right, conservative v. liberal or progressive  seem to be diluted terms -- used to conceal the actual importance of the issue.


Freedom is never Free


the defense of freedom lies mainly in education and communication

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