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Pro-gun demonstrators

Charlie T Waite

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Pro-gun demonstrators rally in downtown Boulder against assault weapons ban.  Activists blast city's proposed action as 'knee jerk' response to mass shootings

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it is important to recognize that the Second Amendment won't stand by itself.



If a nation expects to be ignorant and free it expects what never was  and never will be ... The people cannot be safe without information.   Where the press is free, and every man is able (and willing) to read,  all is safe.
                    -- Thomas Jefferson



It's all Well and Good to advocate for the Second Amendment but, as the Old Hayseed said: "That ain't all there is to it".  

As we know "The Left" -- seeks to control The Press, Education, Elections, and the Judiciary, 

and through these vehicles: Our Hearts and Minds


the Laura Ingrahm Incident comes to mind and this morning there's a article regarding WND by Jos. Farah  -- also dealing with the affect advertising has on freedom of the press.


I've maintained a personal website for years, offering an occasional essay on topics I think are relevant to Freedom.   Please don't view this as a pitch for my website -- it's not intended that way.   Rather it's a pitch for a method:   distributed, grass-roots communication networks -- that are not dependent on advertisers.


Tail wagging the Dog


Where the advertisers dictate content by controlling revenue you are not likely to find un-biased content.


These remarks may not seem to be Second Amendment material.    But: they absolutely are.   The only way to preserve the Second Amendment -- and indeed our republican form of government -- is through communications: Education, Elections, The Press, and the Courts.   Hearts and Minds -- should Favor Freedom.


A great deal of very good work has already been done in this  regard.   Take for example -- or favorite Grass Roots Freedom Organization: The NRA.   Personally I think everyone advocating freedom should join but that's just My Opinion.


There are other options as well but at this point I'm going to stand easy and see what some of all y'all has to say.


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