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Talking about WWII Naval History.....

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The other thread discussing naval museums clicked an old memory.


I have a summer cottage in Falmouth, MA, on Cape Cod.  My family and I spend a lot of summer days on the beach on Washburn Island - a State and Federal protected, undeveloped barrier island just off the coast of Falmouth.  (See map below).


I happened upon a couple of images of amphibious landings on Washburn as part of training exercises during WWII.  (Below).


After the war, the temporary buildings erected on the island were demolished by the Army; my original cottage was constructed from scrap lumber from these buildings, as were many on the peninsula across from Washburn.  It's neat to sit on the beach, with a pond on one side and Martha's Vineyard Sound on the other, and dream about the sounds and sights of landing craft running up on the beach.




amphibious training1 wwwmassgov.jpg

amphibious training2 wasburn island wwwmassgov.jpg

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