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Second Amendment rally in all 50 states, April 14

Charlie T Waite

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It has been ask on several threads, Where are the Pro-Gun / Pro Second Amendment rallies?  There has been a movement to organize them on a larger scale.  A relatively new group formed in March 2018 has scheduled such an event and has reached out to SASS as well.   In conversations with SASS HQ and our national partners we felt that if you wish to attend one of these rallies, please feel free to do so.  But, do so as an individual / personal choice and not as a representative of SASS; e.g. do not carry a SASS flag or have SASS written on posters etc.  As has been seen in the past, these rallies can become contentious as parties from both sides will be present.  Although we support our 2nd Amendment Rights SASS is not a sponsor of these rallies or affiliated with this group.  Here is the info on the group that is holding the rally:  The National Constitutional Coalition of Patriotic Americans has set up an "Americans for America – National 2nd Amendment Rights Rally at All State Capitols" for April 14th, 2018; with their stated goal of "To show our support for our 2nd Amendment rights and to support our Constitution as a whole".  These rallies appear to be legitimate and we have been told that they are peaceful, permitted events. 


Exact details for each state can be found at the following link


More info on the group can be found at the following link


If you have any questions feel free to contact me.




This will be pinned for the next week.

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Dangit... bad timing.  :(


I'll be out of state on a vacation of sorts; also, it's the same weekend as the Fort Miller Shootout in California ~ more than a few folks who would have likely participated are already invested. 


Now, a bit of history:  We had a similar event here in California back in 1991.  July, if memory serves.  A bunch of friends and I joined the rally on the Capitol grounds.  Estimates at the time were that there were somewhere around five thousand participants (estimates from coordinators as well as law enforcement types familiar with crowd control). 


It was superbly organized; the crowd was particularly well behaved, speeches were excellent, the atmosphere was welcoming (even with Willie Brown watching us from his upstairs office window), and there was an impression that every participant felt the effort was worthwhile.  Heck... we even cleaned up after ourselves!


That night's brief news reports had us as "a few dozen" to "a couple of hundred" to "as many as a thousand" protesters or demonstrators who had assembled on the capitol lawn to complain about gun laws.   


Hopefully this event will have better - and fair - coverage.

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16 minutes ago, Hardpan Curmudgeon SASS #8967 said:

Dangit... bad timing.  :(


I'll be out of state on a vacation of sorts;


me too, too bad the state capital of Texas is Austin and not San Antonio :(

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nope, sorry....spending the weekend with someone special, gonna visit the Alamo and the Riverwalk and hopefully get some good Mexican food (they don't have any in Ohio....the one bad thing about this place...;))  if the rally was any other weekend I'd be heading for Columbus that day in a heartbeat!!

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Reminder - Happening Today


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