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You dun saw it too. 



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Its Nice to see the sport growing .

New members is great .

Welcome too  all !

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 I'll explain what happened.

     Our fellow SASS WIRE Posse member, 5abd059575eb2_RoosterRonWayne-PosseMember.JPG.83fa31a79b601e02883a0c0e21ce0add.JPG , who recently came back from exile, did his Due Diligence and actually went back through the SASS WIRE forum and found all of those New Members whom he could not Welcome while he was out, and took the time and effort to respond to each and every one of them.

     The SASS Forum is automatically set up to show Recently Updated.

     Since Rooster posted his Welcomes, every single one of those THREADS that Ms. Allie Mo posted now appeared, as if they were new, when in reality they were old, just Recently Updated.

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