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Saw the march

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I was in New Orleans for a very fine time over the last week and a half. Everything there that I experienced was awesome. I could expound for a while.


But, while there I happened to be out and about when the "march for our lives" took place. Yup. I saw first hand what it was about. Made my BP rise a few points.


Their goal is to dismantle the 2nd and excoriate the NRA. Noting more than that. I saw several hundred brainless numbnuts spewing nothing more than hate-filed incantations and catchy march slogans vilifying the NRA as terrorists. I did not stand there long. I found a cigar shop and a beer away from the mass of ignorance and continued my pleasant vacation. But it made me very aware of what we face in the future.



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As I said in another thread, the best of many things that we can hope for is that these “demonstrations” drive BloomingIdiot and Sorry Soros to the poor house!  As has been pointed out repeatedly, these were NOT events organized by young people or students. Who do you suppose arranged transportation, obtained permits, footed the bill for and coordinated security, and paid the costs for all of these machinations??  NONE OF THIS WAS SPONTANEOUS!! Nor was it in ANY WAY organized by any of these fifteen minute heroes !!


As a matter of fact, I suspect that little if any of what they say or ANY of their responses are their own words or thoughts!!

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Wonder if bumbleberg and sorryos are going to pay the bill to clean up all the trash their mindless pawns left behind. :o

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1 hour ago, Sedalia Dave said:

Wonder if bumbleberg and sorryos are going to pay the bill to clean up all the trash their mindless pawns left behind. :o

Now what would ever make you think that would happen....:lol:

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Ah, but it looks good on paper!

Can't tell you how many times I saw a proposal that, when presented in document form or put into the computerized, multi-colored razzle-dazzle of Powerpoint looked good. Inviting. Safe. Wonderful.


But it wasn't.


That bank guard; looks pretty snazzy in that sharp uniform, perfectly creased and shined, alert, serious and dedicated, right? I have one of those in front of my bank. Rather than upgrade their physical security with crash/robber barriers, some locations simply have a guard. An armed guard.

I don't feel especially safe there because of this guy; I know what a paper tiger he is likely to be BUT...that guard is a deterrent. In most situations. He represents safety to most people even though in reality, what safety he provides is largely imaginary.


Then there's these folks;


That fat old guy in the bank. Kind of dumpy, shaggy hair, dressed somewhere between janitorial staff and landscaper. You wouldn't know it to look at him, but this guy's armed. Very well armed with several pistols. With over thirty years of military and law enforcement training, specialized advanced firearms training, heck, THIS guy once taught ALL that stuff. 


Or maybe that woman in the mall who's well dressed, attractive, with a no-nonsense air about her. She's also armed. Graduate of Gunsite after she was assaulted years ago and decided no more, I'm not going to be a victim. Practices weekly at a local range.


Now I ask you, when trouble cracks off, who do you want near you? One of these three or a cop on the phone fifteen minutes away?


In our great Nation when we have problems, we have someone "to call".  A/C go out? Call the HVAC guy, he'll fix it. Water pipe busted? Plumber on speed dial. Kitchen fire? Who needs a fire extinguisher in the kitchen, just call 9-1-1!  Them fire department boys will be right on top of it. (anybody ever SEE a house fire? I have. Some of'em go up like a tiki torch. All the FD is gonna be able to do is put out the ashes) Angry fellers on the porch trying to break in? Yep, call 9-1-1. Cops'll come.



See, as a Nation we've gotten lazy. Entitled. SPOILED even (horrors, LOL) Everything is someone else's problem or responsibility, not OURS. Over time people have become very good at inventing reasons why THEY are not responsible for this or that. Its easy to criticize but offering real solutions? Not so much. Not ONE of these marchers has any REAL solutions.


In a week or two they will be on to the next crisis dujour. Lessee, we already did the mashers and sex perverts, (is that harvey whats-his-name still in rehab or what?) rich folks who won't share and a tax plan that doesn't let me keep any of YOUR money, Confederate statues, we just checked those evil assault rifles off the list so what's next?


There's only two kinds of people wanna take guns away. Dopes who really believe that we'll be safer (I am serious, some of'em are real whack jobs and they DO believe that) and people with an agenda. Nine years ago we elected a President who's stated goal, among other things, was to "fundamentally change America". His global one-world unicorn farting sparkle-twinkling butt is gone now, but we have thousands of misguided people who really believed that. All these protests? There you go.


We all know the one right that protects all the others. Maybe someday Justice Stevens will get his wish.

Or not.

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