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Dillon SDB for Sale SPF

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I have a used Dillon SDB for sale.  It's set up for 38 sp.  It comes with one large and one small primer tube as well as a few spare parts (springs, tube tips, that sort of thing).  I've been using it for 6 years now with no problems.  I bought a 650, so I don't need it anymore.  I would much prefer a ftf or cowboy pony express sale.  The loader is fully assembled and mounted to large piece of wood that I bolted to my work bench.  I don't want to take it apart and would prefer not to ship it the way it is as it might be damaged.  The price is $325, not interested in trades.  The first 'I'll take it' posted here gets it.


Thanks for your attention.




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OMG, I've been away from here busy with RL, and THAT rig is what I want, but a recent fender bender of the missus plus 1 car and bike being $erviced, I can't pounce on it yet, AND I'm on the other Coast so we'd need to sort out your shipping issue. I'll follow topic to see if I can put something together in time. Heck of a deal!B)

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13 hours ago, Imis Twohofon,SASS # 46646 said:

I have had two SDB and they are great. Im loading on Blue Boy's 550 now so I guess I want Raincrow to have it. All in favor???!!!



This community is awesome! No need to do that Twohofon, but mighty kind to consider helping out. One of my local mentors contacted me as he has one in 38 he is not using anymore and is willing to wait for me to finish playing with my finicky vehicles, and put together funds for a very modest price for a well set up rig.


The cowboy way is alive and well! I am humbled and honored to be among you folks! Thank you.

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