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Ruger PC9 Carbine

Trigger Mike

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I had an opportunity to try one out.  I first kept the Ruger magazine in and it jammed constantly.  it would not fully eject the spent round and nearly every round would result in a jam.  This was done using American Eagle 124 grain as well as Winchester 115 grain.  I then put in the part that lets you use the Glock magazine.  The first Glock magazine jammed 4 times using Winchester 115 grain.  the next one did not.  I then fired 124 grain Aquila as well as Sig Sauer 115 grain V crown JHP and neither jammed at all.  the rifle was accurate with both magazines with bullets hitting the same spot from 20 feet.  It has an odd shape to a degree so it feels different than a normal bolt action or even an AR 15 but yet is comfortable and easy to handle.  I like the fact that you can take the barrel off for easier cleaning.  Somebody put a nylon magazine pouch on the sling so it has a spare with the rifle at all times.  A surefire flashlight is too long to fit properly on the rail but a NC Star fits perfectly.  

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