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An under 21 ban that WILL!! save lives.

T.J. Bones SASS# 75616

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If the Country is really serious about making kids safer we need a Nation wide law banning the purchase and possession of evil semiautomatic high capacity texting cell phones by anyone under the age of 21. Anyone under 21 would only be allowed to have a cell phone that could make calls. No texting, internet, social media, etc. This will save many more lives than an under 21 firearms ban or banning semi autos and high capacity magazines. Why would anyone be opposed to this common-sense law, it will save lives and would not violate the constitution. THE TIME IS NOW!


Study: Texting while driving now leading cause of death for teen drivers

The number of teens who are dying or being injured as a result of texting while driving has skyrocketed as mobile device technology has advanced. Researchers at Cohen Children's Medical Center in New Hyde Park estimate more than 3,000 annual teen deaths nationwide from texting and 300,000 injuries.


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No guns for them folks under 21.

From what I hear that would have saved 25,000 lives in Viet Nam.

One web site indicates 25,000 died in uniform before they turned 21.

Would that raise the draft age to 21 as well????

If you cant have a rifle, I guess that would include the Army, right???????




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