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saw this on Michael Bane's FB page

Gunner Gatlin, SASS 10274L

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He posted another posters...post :D


Sweet Jesus. Sometimes being a pragmatist is a mutha. I just found myself defending the NRA like I have to side with Larry Flint, right to choose, right to die,gay marriage, child welfare and legalization of pot.

The NRA is a citizens lobby group -- which makes it both an exception and rather fascinating.

First off it represents citizens, not corporations or corporate alliances.*


Second it actually does represent its members and their interests. Which kind of sets it apart from most lobby groups who are there for ____ (insert victims who can't speak for themselves). This direct connection to the represented is very powerful.


Third, given that there are supposedly over 5,000,000 members means that's a sizable voting block. That they are politically active members makes it a force that can't be ignored. Its unified goal and ability to rally voters does indeed make it something politicians -- who want to stay in office --have to consider. Sure they can listen to a smaller lobbying group, but they won't be in office next election.


Fourth, the real irony about the hatred of the NRA is it largely stems from them being better at lobbying than the critics.


Fifth, think about that. There's the process covered in the 1st Amendment about "petition the government for redress of grievances" It's right there with free speech and freedom of religion, Yet somehow it's wrong when your fellow citizens band together and send their representatives out to petition government to stop your petitions to the government?


While I'll be the first to admit they go over the top now and then, the hatred and the blaming of the NRA for everything except being better at working within the system is something that concerns me.

Because it shows both a willingness to strip fellow citizens of their rights, but also to willingness weaponize the government to inflict your agenda about how the world 'should be' and to hell with checks and balances.

History shows us that approach, doesn't tend to end well.



*Yeah, yeah they get money from manufacturers, I know that. How much does Soros donate?

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