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is there a difference between Pedersoli and Armisport

Trigger Mike

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I have handled the Armi Sport and Pedersoli Sharps and the Pedersoli had it all over the Armi Sport.

I bought the Pedersoli Boss Sharps and am very happy with it.

Havent played with the others you mentioned but I have also bought the Pedersoli 1886 Sports Rifle (Uberti sell them in the USA but they are Pedersoli's) and am very happy with that also.

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one thing that I have noticed is that my Euroarms(no longer made under that name) and my Armisport do have misfires.  I insist on keeping the nipple clean and use boiled water with dish soap poured down the barrel several time to clean it and then several dry patches then season it with Bore butter so I don't think it is due to maintenance.  I will not fire them unless I know I have time to clean them right away.  Curious if Pedersoli will be more reliable.

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