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Indoor CAS at Niles, Ohio! March 10, 2018

Slow Mo Dern

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Saturday March 10, 2018  


Second Saturday of the month CAS match in Niles, Ohio.


Thanks to everyone who came out to punch some serious copy paper on this sunny Saturday!  A good time was had by all!

Your expert help allowed us to smoothly finish on time. It was great!


Another big thank you to all the folks who came in early to set up the tables, put out the blankets, repair the broken lights, and put up the targets!  We appreciate it!  All that new light helped my score immensely! :lol:


First place went to our good friend, Straight Stock!  Congratulations!


Second place went to Laramie Leadslinger with Krazy Thom coming in third.  Congratulations to all our winners and participants! 


Our next match is the Thursday Work Shirker Open Class Match on March 29th! 


We hope you can come out and help us perforate some of this surly copy paper and have a good time doin’ it!  


Too bad the Leprechaun escaped.


See you next time,


Slow Mo Dern


Visit us at:  http://shenangoriverrats.wixsite.com/sass          Scores will be listed tomorrow.

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Had a great time as usual Mo thanks to you and some great Cowboys . I was wondering since I'm a headin to Nevada on Tuesday, can I take the wagon full of gold ? I won't need the halter and whip since its a family affair .

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Hi T.J.,


     Thank you for the kind words!  


     That wagon full of gold is gone!  So is the bridle and the wagon whip!


     We figure the escaped Leprechaun took it!  


     I wish you and yours the best and a wonderful time.


     See you soon,



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