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SOLD: Kirst Konversion Cylinders for Pietta .36 "1858"


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SOLD:  A pair of Pale Rider Kirst Conversion cylinders for the Pietta "1858" Remington revolvers. 

"No modification required.  A cylinder change converts cap and ball revolvers from percussion to cartridge. You can switch back and forth from black powder to centerfire by changing the cylinder. The cylinder and plate fit together without screws or threads, so reloading is simple: pull the cylinder pin, drop the cylinder, and lift off the plate with your fingers. Only certified, 4150 arsenal-grade steel is used in the production of these cylinders and top-plates, to offer superior quality and strength and ensure safety and durability. Use only cowboy ammunition that does not exceed 850 FPS; never use hot or jacketed ammunition."   

Recommended for Steel Framed revolvers only.

I don't know how many rounds have been through these, I've had them for a number of years, but not used often... figure between 6 and 10 matches.


8.JPG.733ad41524befcde1792afcb3d3396cd.JPG 1.JPG.99bb8577bb6d4f44614fdb695fb2c45d.JPG


2.JPG.f26d17cc604127665cdf095c82b540a5.JPG 3.JPG.bcc00dcb8eea8e4f43217d90d4090152.JPG







Will sell for SOLD includes USPS Priority Mail Shipping and Insurance




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