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In my world, there is a vast difference how I grip a SA and a DA. The distance has shrunk a little in 76 years but from the tip of my ring finger to the tip of my thumb (stretched out) is (now) nigh 10 inches.

Competing with a DA, I learned that a factory target grip was the best. The big fat ones. Always was taught very tight grip and work the trigger finger only. With the SA, I use a pair of ol' Gunfighter grips on the 3 screws. Very thin and matches the grip frame.  

Totally different trigger control. And they point different. Most all the new shooters I have encountered usually shoot high on the target or miss high.  With the plow handle, it resembles the same scenario when a 1911 shooter draws and fires a Glock. Invariably they hit high or have to adjust their aim. The plow handle does the same thing; encourages a high grip and the barrel/sight will always be high. Teaching them to curl the little finger under the grip will bring the "pattern" down and ring steel. There is  handful around here that has discovered the use of the pinkie. 



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