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Next week's Shot Show

Nimble Fingers SASS# 25439

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Please, please let all of us unfortunates know what new toys are being offered?  We all who aren't going live vicariously thru your daily reports!  Thanks ahead of time. 

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I had a chance one year to go but was between jobs and could afford the travel expenses!  Sorry, hopefully next year you will have another chance!  


Ok hear that guys?  You got two cowpokes awaiting your reports!

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50 minutes ago, Ramblin Gambler said:

What does a fella have to do to attend the SHOT show?  Is it open to the public? 



Not open to public.  Need an FFL or be the guest of one.  Some other types get in like media folks.  Possibly some other ways to get in but those are the main ways.

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This year you can't even get a guest in you have to provide proof that you work for a Gun store or such. Or have a COE Certificate of Eligibility

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If you are in the North East or want to travel there, many of the gun makers will be at The Great American Outdoor Show in Harrisburg in 2 weeks.  Starting on Feb 3 till the 11th.  SASS will have a booth there (booth #350) in the shooting sports hall.  The show has 650,000 sq ft of show space, 1,100 plus exhibitors. Open to the public.







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On 1/20/2018 at 3:26 PM, Henry T Harrison said:

Skip the SHOT show and go o the NRA annual meeting. Same vendors and everyone is welcome


Just for reference sake - The NRA annual show has about 800 vendors.

The SHOT show has well over 1600 vendors and is the industries traditional roll out for new products and concepts.


For anyone curious - the Media Day Range events are well chronicled on You Tube with coverage of some new and interesting firearms being shown and fired.

Media Day Range events take place on the Boulder City Rifle and Pistol Club Range in Boulder City Nevada.

Home of the Eldorado Cowboys.

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Did anyone hear about Franklin Armory bringing out an AR called the Reformation?  It has a barrel shorter than 16” and has a full-fledged stock - but is not classified as an SBR.  The reason?  The lands and groves in the barrel are straight cut, not spirally.   Thus, the ATF doesn’t classify this as either a pistol or a rifle. 




Pretty slick way to stick it to the NFA, even if this thing turns out to be as accurate as a blunderbuss!


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On 1/19/2018 at 7:14 PM, Ramblin Gambler said:

Why did they tighten it up? 


SHOT is a Trade Show. NOT a “gun show”. The number one clientele are Investors, followed by distributors and then gun store owners. 


Shooters & customers aren’t the main focus. It’s a business development opportunity for the firearms industry. 


The Business of Industry & innovation.


Any company seeking investors and capital HAVE to show they "innovate" their product line to show GROWTH potential.  This is also a fact for the firearms industry as investors from other arenas are interested in emerging markets.  Merely showing 'projected' increased growth in sales isn't going to court investors to ones company at the most desireable rates of return or terms.  Not with the downturn in firearms sales over the past year.  Pres. Obama was a HELL of a firearms salesman!  From his tears came tension in the firearms community which responded by an upsurge in purchases which meant a huge flow of dollars to the firearms industry!


A company HAS to innovate to attract external investment at attractive rates.  Hence why in MANY industries there is 'vaporware' - where a company shows glitz & glam and nothing comes of it.  False innovation.  Again, to court investors.  Not to sell product to the individual, but to SELL THE COMPANY to INVESTORS.


The practice is sort of like dressing awesome to go to a meeting to get a loan from money folks (investors).  Two people can have a credit score of 800, show a stable income, project a stable future income, have a low debt to income ratio but one looks awesome and business kept and the other looks & smell like a hobo.  The hobo isn't getting the low rate to borrow at!


This is why trade shows are NOT meant for the CONSUMER.  They are meant for the Industry & Trade entities.  This is also why the SHOT Show is NOT meant for the SHOOTER, it SHOULD be an industry ONLY trade show with NDA's and NO PRESS.  Then we won't end up with a bunch of Good Folks that get upset when the vaporware comes & goes like a mustard burp.  


The Franklin Armory product called the "REFORMATION" or what I would term "ABOMINATION"

PRO: Its innovative & outside the box thinking. 

CON: Accuracy & ballistics MATTER more.


I whole heartedly agree with Henry T. Harrison & Creeker - The NRA Expo is more end user or shooter friendly, the proceeds go to support a more shooter focused entity also!


all the best my friends!



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