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New York - Westchester County executive bans gun shows on public property

Charlie T Waite

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As we do not yet have a TSSD in NY - WHITE PLAINS, N.Y. >> Westchester County Executive George Latimer has signed an executive order banning gun shows on county-owned property.  The action by Latimer, a Democrat who was elected in November, came on his second day in office and fulfilled a campaign promise.


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SO!!  Another turd floats to the top!! <_<<_<

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Several years ago there were two cases in CA re: banning guns; therefore, banning gun shows on public property in CA. One in Alameda County & the other in LA County.  When it appeared the plaintiffs would prevail on equal protection grounds in the 9th circuit they decided the best way to maintain their policy was to buy off the plaintiffs with a few million dollars.  The LA county show decamped to Sin City.  The Alameda County plaintiffs still run shows at other northern CA county venues.  It is likely that Jorge Latimer will soon be a defendant in Federal court.  Will he fold or does he have the ability to allocate county funds to pay the plaintiff to go away?

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 Nashville’s mayor and some anti-gun local councilmen have placed a ban on gun shows on the state fairgrounds recently. The city/county govt. is now facing legal action on several levels.


We used to have some pretty decent gun shows here. Now they’re smaller and out of town.

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