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Marlin (JM) 1894 Cowboy Competition 38sp. 20". Very Good condition, a real beauty. This is the rifle Heather uses when shooting smokeless, which hasn't happened alot. If she wants to shoot BP she uses my guns so I only have to clean one set. Great condition, real nice color case hardening and wood with minor handling or gun cart marks. Leather lever wrap and Kirkpatrick butt cover.  The 1st "I'll Take It" posted here. ...Shipped and Insured to your FFL $1175.oo

Heather's Gunz 032.jpg

Heather's Gunz 033.jpg

Heather's Gunz 034.jpg

Heather's Gunz 035.jpg

Heather's Gunz 036.jpg

Heather's Gunz 037.jpg

Heather's Gunz 038.jpg

Heather's Gunz 039.jpg

Heather's Gunz 041.jpg

Heather's Gunz 042.jpg

Heather's Gunz 044.jpg

Heather's Gunz 031.jpg

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