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What DID Happen to the WIRE resulting in a Mass Exodus

Father Kit Cool Gun Garth

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1 minute ago, Black Hills Barb said:

I truly think this thread has run it's course and is evolving into yet another string of he said, she said posts that do nothing to help anyone on either side of the opinions, etc.  

Well said Barb !!! Time to shut this down!

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I just wanted to add that I deleted my post responding to Mr. Norfleet and for that I apologize. I took my frustration out on him and I shouldn’t have done that. 


J. Frank Norfleet I hope you will accept the apology that I sent you in a PM.


...and for “Enquiring minds that want to know”, no, Allie didn’t spank me, chastise me or threaten me with 20 lashes.



I truly feel bad that I singled Mr. Norfleet out. I should not have done that.


Best Regards 

Pat Riot

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This topic is now archived and is closed to further replies.

This topic is now closed to further replies.

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