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Welcome Charley Leadville!

Allie Mo, SASS No. 25217

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I mentioned some about me in a previous post, but to recap... I've been in competive shooting for a while. Service Rifle, USPSA, Steel Challenge, and my favorite, 3 gun. I enjoy riding anything with wheels or 4 legs, playing guitar, bourbon, jiujitsu, scuba, and People of Walmart photos. I'll never be great, I'm very satisfied in the middle of the pack, with great friends and better memories. 

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These COWBOYS are WANTED for Cowboy Action Shooting (CAS)

All of them have shown an interest in the sport and should be considered as a candidate.

It’s not well known if any of them are ARMED; however, they may be seen inquiring about obtaining firearms, in particular single action revolvers, lever action rifles and shotguns. Proceed with CAUTION when providing them with only viable suggestions.

Until all of them turn themselves in to the local law (Match Director [MD], Territorial Governor [TG]) they should be considered DANGEROUS for asking many questions about CAS.

If seen on the SASS WIRE, or in the SASS SALOON, be sure to extend them a hardy WELCOME.

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Welcome to the Dance Charley Leadville !

My best advice is to.

1. Shoot safe 

2. Have fun 

3. Only Compete with yourself.


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2 hours ago, Marauder SASS #13056 said:

Welcome, Charlie!!


Just wondering, how do you play bourbon?  :D

The more you have, the easier it gets!

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