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Additional Search Option for THREADS on the SASS FORUMS

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This THREAD is primarily for those who are New Shooters and want to learn more about navigating the vast landscape that is the SASS FORUMS, but can also be informational for those who are unaware of its capabilities.

When I do research on THREADS, in particular, ones that appear on the SASS WIRE, I primarily use the Search Options in the upper right hand corner of the Forum Screen:


Ms. Allie Mo was kind enough to “pin” a THREAD with instructions on this:


Although this feature is excellent for finding a THREAD based on topics you are interested in, or finding Members, there are times when I am looking for something that is date related.

For this feature I use the “paging” system found on each FORUM just above the first “pinned” THREAD.


As of the date of this THREAD, there are 1,086 pages of THREADS that are accessible to you. Each page contains 35 THREADS. That’s 38,010 THREADS, with 15 of the earliest being dated December 31, 1969, with one dated May 12, 2007, and the balance beginning on November 9, 2009 through current.

Clicking on any of the page numbers shown will take you to that particular page. Choosing NEXT will cycle you to the next page.

Choosing the right side "  5a0c619fab201_LastPageIcon.JPG.7414f7fa95c1417d786c8d995ec76374.JPG  ” Icon will take you to the Last Page:


Likewise choosing the left side “ 5a0c6206894dc_FirstPageIcon.JPG.38f1c2329b74b6be0557d2f8341ee4e4.JPG  ” Icon, when shown, will take you back to the First Page.

Trying to get to a particular page quickly by using the NEXT Icon is laborious at best. What many may not be aware of, is the option to “jump” to a particular page.

To do this, merely choose the drop down arrow: 5a0c62343f55e_GOTODropDownOption.JPG.35229d18399affb7aa821097d5faf2b8.JPG next to the last page number shown.

Doing so gives you a place to type the page number you are looking for, then click the GO button.


VOILA….and you are there.

HOPE this helps those who may be interested.


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