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Team SASS State Directors; Current Roster

Charlie T Waite

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Below are the current TSSDs with contact information. These patriots deserve your support and assistance in their mission of leading your state's effort to preserve, protect, defend our Second Amendment. Please volunteer and get involved. We CAN"T do it without YOU! Contact me by PM or at (701)720-1140


State         Alias SASS#                  Email


Alabama Marshall Hangtree hosey.ken@gmail.com


Alaska Coho Cowboy 72119 muktuk2002@hotmail.com


Arkansas Nichols Creek 77627 glover.bruce@gmail.com


California Subdeacon Joe subdjoe@gmail.com


Delaware Deacon Will 24170 dabll@Comcast.net


Florida dannyd 93140 dannyd93140@gmail.com
Georgia Tony Crowe 99966 ajcrowe@bellsouth.net
Georgia Dungannon Gunner 88695 js.stickley@gmail.com
Idaho Mud Marine 54686 whs3@yahoo.com


Illinois Lawdog Dago Dom 105516 djvisione@yahoo.com


Kentucky Marshal George Brevin 91801 harmonyhollow@hotmail.com


Louisiana Tumblin Tom 69009 basscop@bellsouth.net
Louisiana Foard County News 77236 foardcountynews@charter.net


Massachusetts Buck Masters 88453 jclifford6@aol.com


Michigan Gunner Gatlin 10274 peej68@aol.com


Missouri Dr. O. R. Vet 104414 floridatuner@yahoo.com


Nebraska Stirrup Trouble 98294 dsayers@eaglecom.net


Nevada Ace of Hearts 77697L rmetz@libertyalarms.com


New Hampshire Six Shot 66105 sixshotsteve@comcast.net


New Jersey John Boy 47228 jrcorney@optimum.net


New Mexico Tijeras Hawk 63185 hhawkk99@yahoo.com


New York Allegiance 62617 firstfreedom@live.com


North Carolina Renegade Ripley 99446 h681172@yahoo.com


North Dakota Bohunk Charley 92175  cnd@bis.midco.net


Ohio Seven Mile Tom 10442 sevenmiletom@aol.com


Oklahoma Grizhunter 96726 k5wg@swbell.net


Pennsylvania Virgil Ray Hality 37355 dawilken@gmail.com


Texas Buckshot Rob 94250 barnes_rr@yahoo.com
Texas Crash 85815 texascrash@att.net
Texas Colonel Lou 101754 jamesralbano@yahoo.com
Utah Jubal O Sackett 22531 sackett@utahwar.com
Vermont Judge Lewis 97712 lewis_law@yahoo.com


Virginia John Henry Quick 97501 charles.f.phillips@gmail.com


Washington state Shane Not Sean 109808  schoen@parnelldefense.com


Wisconsin Doc Potter 73734 dmagnusson@sbcglobal.net


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WHAT is the job description of the Team States SASS Directors?


Cat Brules

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1 hour ago, Cat Brules said:

WHAT is the job description of the Team States SASS Directors?


Cat Brules


The role of the Team SASS State Director is to lead the effort within their state, contact and stay in touch with representatives of as many clubs as possible and enlist those who have the enthusiasm and dedication to provide motivation and coordination to local clubs or their representatives to actively contact local politicians and push our single agenda of supporting the Second Amendment. They would be the official SASS representative between their state and Team SASS HQs.

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FYI . . . I just came across the new SASS Wire and thought I'd let you know that I am still alive, still competing, and still New Hampshire's SASS TSSR and report that we have been making great strides with regard to constitutional gun rights in NH.

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4 hours ago, Sacramento Johnson #6873 said:

FYI: Nevada Ace of Hearts 77697L rmetz@libertyalarms.com passed away this past summer.

I know but left it up in tribute until it filled by someone else from Nevada

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