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Please bookmark this website for Black Powder Cartridge Rifle Reloading Sources

John Boy

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Here's another reference source for the black powder cartridge rifle shooters on the Wire 


And don't miss reading the Technical Information authored by experts of Black Powder Cartridge Rifle in this community




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Ladies and Gentlemen,

I have pinned 2 threads, both started by the esteemed John Boy that were put together by him to help new and experienced Cowboy Action Shooters with reloading resources that they can use to develop safe loads for CAS.


Everyone is welcome to post on these threads to comment and to discuss issues and ask questions. BUT posts and responses MUST meet SASS Guidelines on posting reloading information. The posting of load "recipes"or pet loads WILL NOT BE PERMITTED. You may direct folks to legitimate resources and websites for reload info but actual reload data will not be permitted here, just as it isn't permitted in any of the other SASS forums.


For example;

If a newcomer were to ask what's the best BP load for a light bullet in .45 Colt one could respond with a favorite bullet or a favorite powder that they like to use but giving exact directions on the quantity of that powder would not be allowed here on the Wire. You could guide that person to a resource like a reloading manual page or legitimate websites, like Hodgdon, Goex, Swiss, Blackhorn, etc...  You just cannot layout load data for someone.


If you have any questions please feel free to PM me.

Thank you,

Pat Riot

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From another website ...


Just got an email response to an inquiry to Hodgdon: "OK, first we need to clear up a little detail. Your high wall action, modern made or original Winchester is not strong enough to use the 45-70 loads marked “MODERN RIFLE” That term relates to firearms of modern design and modern metallurgy. The Ruger #1, Ruger #3 and any bolt action rifle but your action is a reproduction of a firearm designed originally for low pressure black powder cartridges. You should be using the date marked “TRAPDOOR” in a reproduction high wall.

"It is quite often that people think they can use the “MODERN RIFLE “ 45-70 data because their firearm was just build but that is not the case. Modern metallurgy does not change a weak or less robust design."

"Mike Daly
Senior Customer Service Representative
The Hodgdon Family of Fine Propellants
Hodgdon; The Brand That’s True
IMR: Legendary Powders
Winchester: Smokeless Propellants
GOEX: The Tradition Continues
Triple Seven

"This email is confidential

Reloaders Take Heed:

There have been several instances where a reloader has charged non Ruger's - Remingtons - Sharps - Ballards - HiWalls - Stevens, etc with fast burning smokeless powder for 1000 & 1200yd matches and the rifle is now a tomato stake. Too many uneducated shooters are always thinking velocity with a flatter trajectory is the way to win matches - including non match shooters
Mike's email is valid, trapdoor BP or smokeless equivalent charges will keep the pressure in the 28,000 psi range, the rule of thumb for BP reloads. 

If you must use smokeless powder charges, here are tested and proven Trapdoor reloads for your "Modern Rifle" (scroll to the bottom of the website) ... http://www.trapdoorcollector.com/shooterstext.html


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If one wants a bore cleaner and lube for black powder, the Lehigh Valley Lubricant IMO is the best on the market.  It is a patented product, now back on the market and can be used for any black powder firearm, including muzzleloaders ...


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why not retitle them to something that is more eye catching as to their purpose.  Like, "Reloading sources".  

Done.  Let's see if the volume of views - comments increase

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