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Saturday night at the movies - westerns on YouTube

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We watch a lot of westerns on YouTube.  Most are the old B westerns cranked out in the 30s and 40s.  But we often come across some real good westerns that are uploaded in pretty good quality.  I thoug

If they were on Y'all Tube would they be southerns?

They removed Cactus Jack Slade so here is Evil Roy Slade in its place     (Here is just a goofy fun movie. Kirk Douglas' last western.   In case it doesn't jump out at you,  it's a pari

The Man who shot Liberty Valence.   YouTube free with ads.



The Return of the Seven.  Sequel to Magnificent Seven. YouTube free with ads.




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A cult classic.   Nor a bad flick considering it was shot in 8 day.  Some good people in it you will recognize. 



A high video quality Tim McCoy movie with early John Wayne and Walter Brennan.  Lots of good ideas for B Western.  Note Tim McCoy's peared handled nickel plated gun. Big spurs.   His tall hat.  He's constantly grooming and adjusting his wardrobe. Totally implausible plot. 



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The Spoilers.  They actually made 5 movies of this same book.  The forth one stared John Wayne, Randolph Scott,  and Marlene Dietrich. This is the fifth and last one.  Pretty good.



Invitation to a Gunfighter with Yul Brynner



Test share from Tubi 


Watch Pale Rider on Tubi: https://link.tubi.tv/MhG8froUPgb

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