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Need some M1 Carbine input. Thinking about going for a new "Inland" M1 carbine vs a vintage variety. Vintage concerns me as some sellers are umm... less than honest. I just want a good shooter, historical accuracy while cool, is less important. Don't want to pay for a pig in poke as it were. Are the new ones good shooters?

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The new Inlands are excellent shooters and except for stamping marks are hard to tell from a distance they aren't originals. I've fired 2 of them since being produced, and the wood patina, metal, take down are very impressive. The paratrooper model comes without the bayonet lug making it exactly as produced.

As to accuracy at 100 yards, I kept 3 round groups within 2" offhand, probable better if bench rested.

As o originals, a lot are being passed off and tinkered with to make original issued carbines and seeing it more. Taking bayonet lug off and replacing, changing rear sights, etc.

But you can still find original for 700.00 upward. On the secondary market, newly made Inlands can be found for 750.00 to 900.00.

I been thinking of buying a newly made and using it as a shooter and throwing it into the farm truck and tractor when in the fields as a varmint rifle.

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