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A Great Saturday in Rural America

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Last Saturday we were in Kingfisher, OK to attend a large family & friends BBQ on someone's farm. On the way we stopped in Okarche (pronounced oak-ar-chee) and had lunch at a place called Eieshen's, which is the oldest bar in OK. Apparently it's well-known for great fried chicken and I have to agree.


Arrived at the picnic where 3 guys were shooting skeet and I was invited to jump in. You betcha! I also noticed an AR-15 in the back of a truck and said I'd never held one much less fired one. The owner said I needed to shoot it and then put a suppressor on it. Have never shot anything with a suppressor on it either. Smoooth and with a crack not much louder than a .22. Recoil was softer than I expected. 


The icing on the cake was 10 pounds of Tannerite packed into a bag and cardboard box. Tannerite is something else I've never seen before. From a distance of 100 yards or so, the owner of the AR set it off with a round. Cool!


Then we settled down to a burgers, hot dogs and a large fireworks display.


Lessee, fried chicken; shooting; blowing stuff up; hot dogs, burgers and an evening of fireworks. What a great day!

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A very good time! 


Fried pies might have made it perfect.  :D

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4 hours ago, Loophole LaRue, SASS #51438 said:



Count your blessings!


An afternoon like that would get you arrested and booked in MA....literally.  


 Amazing how different life can be in different places within the same country.




Actually, I was thinking of you and other East coast pards at the time, noting the contradiction. Moved here from New York City almost 40 years ago and haven't a regret. OK in all seriousness, there are some things I miss about the east coast. :)



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