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75 years ago today, June 4

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God bless and keep the brave men of VT-8. All but three (two of whom were not in on the attack) of whom died trying to torpedo a Japanese carrier.  I see by the paper that a bronze statue is being prepared honoring LCdr Wade McClusky, who led (IIRC) VB-6 from Enterprise attacking those carriers in spite of his SBD's being low on fuel due to lack of coordination of the strike force. In about five minutes, the dive bombers killed three of the four Japanese carriers, Soryu, Kaga and Akagi and later sank the fourth. Hiryu.  A lot of folks don't know but 27 dive and scout bomber (same SBD Devastator, just different tasks) aviators were KIA to accomplish that feat. The Japanese essentially lost the war at that point.  It is too bad it had to go another three years and thousands of casualties on both sides before they finally gave up.

| :FlagAm: Lest we forget!


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