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Marshal Andy, "The Knoxville Cowboy"

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This past weekend the Oak Ridge Outlaws once again had the privilege to answer phones at a telethon supporting Marshal Andy. We've been doing so for several years, about 7 or 8 best as I can remember. For over 35 years Marshal Andy has been keeping the Cowboy genre alive on television & radio. With a background as a professional singer & in advertising he has promoted cowboy pictures of the silver screen and the music associated with cowboys & westerns. Just like many cowboy action shooters, his passion for cowboys began with Saturday matinees at a small local theater in Georgetown, South Carolina. He has a weekly television show on local PBS at 10:30am on Saturday mornings and a weekly radio show at 10:30am on Fridays. About once a quarter he and his band perform live at a local banquet hall. We are proud of Marshal Andy and wish him many more years of riding for the brand. 


Hasta Luego, Keystone

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