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Open season on groundhogs today!

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If you want to hunt Punxsutawney Phil, you'll have to have a "tunnel rat" armed with at least a .45...Phil saw his shadow and went back into his den! Six more weeks of winter. Here in Denver, we had a freezing rain storm last night. Streets appear okay, but trying to walk to get the paper this morning, I needed ice skates! Had to walk back on the grass. One car so iced over, no way could I scrape the windows! :o

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Staten Island Chuck ( a female woodchuck ) saw no shadow, therefore an early spring! I live a little closer to Chuck than Phil, so I'm goin' with Chuck!

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6 more weeks of winter??? Mar 20 is the first day of spring, that's 6 weeks and 3 days! Did someone sneak Phil a calendar! :blink:

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I was reading all about Ground Hog Day (to me ground hog is unseasoned sausage) today when the Department of Conservation dropped a little note that here is in fact a ground hog season in MO. I was dumfounded.

I have always considered them and treated them as a pest.

Now you can get fined for shooting one of the dagblasted varmints.

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Can they be prepared with Peeves?

Prolly so, but peeves would impart a rather bitter flavor, methinks! :-)



And, likely still taste like baked rat....prolly. :-)

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