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Please ignore this Post. I am testing my computer.

H. K. Uriah, SASS #74619

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Silly Responses?? I find this thread to be very educating and uplifting. Oh Look - a squirrel.

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Well, I figured there would be some silly responses. But it really was just a test that served no purpose except to me.


If people wish to use it to be silly, hey, I got not problem with that. :)

Remember........you hang out with us "people"

Silly is as silly does!



ok, now I be quiet! ;)

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Ignore all you want..... But Calico Mary is still looking for a new Bunkhouse location, probably in the Southeast, Ohio or Indiana.





yep...not having much luck..... :(

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Thunder Creek can't read

Yea but you should see him shoot outlaw with black powder loads!!! :P

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