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Rim Rock Bullets - Great Service

Black Mike

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I can be a pretty loyal customer and have a good amount of latitude with "humanity" as it is.


For a number of years I have been buying my bullets for CAS at a company that I will not name here where I understood I was paying an almost $30 premium per 1,000 bullets, but given all was good I did not change until recently. My last order from this company had a very high percentage of badly misshapen bullets and the lube had pretty much cracked and had fallen off most of them. I sent an e mail just to let them know, very nice and not asking for anything. After a week or two I had no response so I called. I asked if they saw my e mail and they said they did. I simply said I wanted them to be aware of the issue I had. The response. "We're human, you want more bullets." Nope, thank you.


So I order two thousand bullets from Rim Rock and I screw up and order 1,000 of the wrong bullets. I call them to see if I could return them and not only do they immediately send out the bullets I should have ordered but also send me a prepaid USPS mailer to send them back. Saving me not only $30 per thousand, but also the return postage. Also a very pleasant phone conversation with them.


How can you beat that! It doesn't take much to keep me happy, but these guys went above and beyond. I'll be ordering many more bullets from theses guys.

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Some companies or businesses can be fickle at times. There is a business that I bought bullets from and the first time in inquired about certain bullets and purchasing them these guys couldn't be more helpful. Now that I have purchased from them I can't seem t get responses to several emails that I sent them asking about other bullets. It's weird how some people can be sometimes.

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