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Deadeye George

Sold - Pair of 357 Ruger Original Vaquero's

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I am selling my pair of Ruger Original Vaquero revolvers chambered in .357. I bought these guns from a fellow SASS member in Apr 2015. One gun was very lightly used (he said less than a box of cartridges trying to get his wife interested in shooting) and the other was never fired having lived it's life in his safe. So while I'm the second owner, I'm basically the only owner to actually use them. I used them in 5 or 6 monthly matches and several practice sessions before getting hooked on black powder and moving to larger caliber revolvers so they have sat in my safe unused since around Sept 2015.


They are blued and case hardened, have 5 1'2" barrels and are in excellent condition with only very slight rings on the cylinders. No scratches or blemishes on the nice wood grips, no holster wear that I can see, no scratches and are 100% stock. They have never fired anything but cowboy loads in .357 cases, no 38 loads.


I am asking $1050 for the pair plus whatever shipping charges will be if you don't want to drive to Show Low, Arizona and pick them up.


Below is a photo of them. I have five more photos of them showing more details but they are too large to put in this post so the links to them are provided below.




Left sides view.... http://www.arizonapenco.com/images/rugers-lh.jpg

Right sides view... http://www.arizonapenco.com/images/rugers-rh.jpg

Close up showing case hardening lh side... http://www.arizonapenco.com/images/rugers-detail-lh.jpg

Close up showing case hardening rh side... http://www.arizonapenco.com/images/rugers-detail-rh.jpg

Top view... http://www.arizonapenco.com/images/rugers-top.jpg

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Very Purdy.

Its your call of course but I like seeing them referred to as Original Vaqueros.

A small thing.

Good luck selling them, nice classic look to em.

Some beginner will be very happy.



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I'll take them


OK, I'll mark this thread sold pending funds and I just sent you a PM



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