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Interesting Morning......

Clay Thornton

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So this morning I stopped into the local gas station for a cup of coffee and I pull up and their is this woman smoking a cigarette while pumping gas. I thought, "wow this woman is stupid," oh well I thought, let natural selection do it's job and I walked in. As I was getting my coffee I noticed two of our local finest men in blue walking out and I gave them a "howdy do gents", and told them they might want to keep an eye on the woman.


I come out with my coffee and sure enough this woman is yelling and screaming and her arm is on fire! The police officers took a fire extinguisher out of their trunk and properly extinguished the woman. From there it got confusing, they slapped the cuffs on her and put her in the back of their cruiser. I asked them, "Are you arresting her because she is stupid?" they responded with "No she was waving her FIREARM around like a crazy person!"



I heard this joke at the office today, and had to share. This is not a true story and is meant tickle your funny bone on a Friday.


Have a great Weekend!



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...got me...I was thinking "Dang. she must be a drunk. First a cigarette and then a gun"? :D:lol:

I was right there with 'ya Pat :D Like holy crap-- what's she doin' with a gun?

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Clay we gotta talk!!


Ya had me for a bit I started looking on the KCCI website for the police report.

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You see stupid people doing this all the time .

Good joke though :-)

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