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Accurate Molds Company 455-J

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NOE BULLET MOLDS.they make a very good mold reasonable prices and make "true Keith design" SWC molds in several weights.



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NOE 432421 in a 4-cavity and it casts great bullets, but they weigh almost 260 grs., if that matters to you. Also, they're currently out of stock and I've found that sometimes it takes quite awhile for them to get moulds back in stock.


As others have said, Tom at Accurate moulds is a great person with whom to deal. He cuts moulds when they're ordered, you have your choice of iron, brass or aluminum, and the number of designs in his catalog is mind boggling. Accurate-.44-moulds

He's a little higher than NOE but his moulds are works of art and for no additional charge you he will modify the design of any mould to meet your requirements, if you wish.



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FWIW, I find the Accurate Molds easier to use as they have tapered alignment pins, whereas the NOE pins are more square. If you are not going to do too many bullets it may not matter, but for volume it makes life easier. I have at least 5 Accurate Molds and 3 NOE, so I have used both.

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