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Slicking a Bond Derringer


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Well, I got one, a Mini .45. I like it but I think it can be better than what it currently is. I was wondering if anyone has slicked up their derringer. What I'm wondering is, lightening the trigger and hammer springs. Right now it's harder to pull the hammer back on it than both of my main match guns combined. If I could lighten the springs a bit I think I'll be happy. I'm sure I could probably take a loop or two out of the hammer spring but I don't know about the trigger.

I'd much rather do the work myself so that if something goes wrong I only have myself to blame.

So, any tips or know where I can get reduced power springs?

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A cut down 1911 hammer spring works very well in place of the garage door spring Bond installs. ^_^


I'm checking Brownells and I can get a 17lb Wolff Hammer Spring. Would a reduced power spring hurt me at all here? I think stock that spring is supposed to be 21 or 22lbs.

How much did you cut yours down? If you don't mind me asking.


You can also call Bond and see if they still sell their competition mainspring.

I had called Bond earlier today to ask about that. They said that the Mini45 already has their lightest springs but that it'll ease up in time. They said that all of their guns come with the competition springs already installed.


I bought a Bond Arms competition spring and it helped. Then a pard told me he used a SP101 spring. I had one from a pack I got from Wolfe. It was even better. No idea what lb they are, but I like it.



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Don't recall how much I trimmed mine. I've had this Bond for many years.

It was a full power hammer spring and I cut 1 coil at a time.

The std 1911 hammer spring is much longer, than the OEM, Bond hammer spring.


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Hmm.... I think I may have one to be honest. I'll have to check.


Thanks OLG That'll give me something to do for a while.

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I called bond got their competition spring for the derringer and that was about all that was needed

When I talked to them they said that the competition springs are now standard on all models.


OLG, I did have a 1911 hammer spring that I wasn't using. I got it cut down quite a bit but it works. It's still a bit stiff but it's better than what came on it. I'm planning on shooting it and maybe cutting another loop or two today. I'm making sure that the cut end pushes on the larger part of the guide rod.

I nearly messed up big time. I was installing the new spring when it slipped and the smaller end of the guide rod shot off to parts unknown. I found it the hard way, I stepped on it. Luckily the nerves in that foot are dead so it didn't hurt. I just heard it scraping on the floor.

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Test fired. It still works! Thanks again OLG, that was a great tip. I'm gonna keep playing with this and see how good I can get it.

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