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Resizing case lube

Wyatt Earp SASS#1628L

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If you spray a bunch of brass but let it set for a few days, what is the impact?


I would say nothing, other than the alcohol is good and evaporated out and here is why I think that............


Lately when I reload my 44-40 brass, I'll do it in batches of 400 to 500 cases. Before starting I'll lay out a folded bath towel and spread the brass out then spritz it with the lube than roll it all around with my bare hands to insure good coverage.


I'll let it all sit for five minutes or so then start running them through my press. Usually I will do the loading in one sitting but now and then something will pop up preventing me to finish in which case the lubed brass will sit as is with a towel tossed over them to keep dust off (my reloading room is next door to my wood shop). When I come back in a few days or week, the brass is just how I left it, nice and lubed ready to load.

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One-shot has its uses. It is all I need to resize .44 WCF.


I started using One Shot when I discovered a downside to pin cleaning brass. If it gets like-new clean I noticed drag on the Dillon belling die and little streaks of brass being deposited on it. Especially with .45 acp and .45 Colt. I dump the brass in a tub and give a quick spray to get some inside the case mouth of some of the cases. It is enough to stop the drag. It turns out the residue inside the case mouth acts as a lubricant in the belling operation.


One Shot does not work sizing larger rifle cases well. I learned that with .308 Win. If the case was WET with the One Shot it sort of worked some time.


I picked up some lanolin grease at the local hippy grocery and it works like a champ. Just a little smear around the case below the neck and sizing is SMOOTH. I will have to get the liquid stuff and make some spray.

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