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Republicans to kill U.S. rules on corruption, environment, labor and guns next week

John Boy

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The article says the order that those people on social security who have a designated person to handle their financial affairs would lose the ability to buy a gun is the one on the chopping block.


Personally, I'd like to see universal carry and a change to allow suppressors without the background check and tax stamp.

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The statute that allows Congress to veto the regulations dates to 1995 and even applies to regulation by Dear Colleague Letter's like the Dept. of Education transgender bathroom rules. The interesting thing about the law is the clock on Congress's regulation veto power doesn't start until the Congress receives a report on the from the Administration. These reports have not been routinely submitted to Congress; so, the House leadership are notifying all the executive branch agencies directing them to determine what regulations & guidance's have not followed the statutory procedures and for those that haven't submit them for Congressional approval. Also, the Reuters article states that the votes can't be filibustered in the Senate but doesn't state why. It is not Senate rules; but the statute doesn't allow a super majority vote to end debate. Al that is required to flush the regulation is 51 votes even if it is 51/50 where the Veep casts the 51st vote against the regulation. Striking a regulation in this manner only works when POTUS agrees with Congress. Removing regulations via the normal rule making process takes much longer than having Congress do it for those that are beyond the statute's time limits.

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